Best Time To Visit Vietnam

rp aerial view of nha trang
Vietnam is a beautiful country that has had its reputation and geography tarnished by the war. But forty years after the war, Vietnam is starting to gain momentum as a tourist economy. What draws the tourists to Vietnam is its beautiful white beaches, serene pagodas and the gentle paddy fields. These are the sights that await you in Vietnam, once you figure out when to visit Vietnam to make the most out of your trip! QUICK FACTS Best Time to Visit Vietnam: December - April ...

Riding the Reunification Express in Vietnam

The people over at Momondo asked me and fellow travel bloggers to write about authentic experiences abroad as part of the momondo experience series For people in the late teens and twenties, Vietnam might easily be seen as simply the most raw of the various Southeast Asian destinations along the world’s most well trot backpacker trail. It features some of the worlds best food, loads of beautiful sights, and some exciting adventures. However, anyone much older likely remembers the numerous wars f...