Night Life In Hue City

Dong Ba Street food

Dong Ba Market is the biggest commercial center of Thua Thien Hue Province. Almost of the special cultural souvenirs and gifts are being sold in the market. Though that is not why this place is famous to tourists, it is because of the street food it offers. From early in the morning until late in the evening, delicious local Hue dishes are being served here. And of course, this place is relatively cheaper compared to other places in the city. Foreigners have a chance to meet and join locals in their dinner.
Famous local dishes like mussel rice, beef vermicelli, rice cakes, sweet soup, Nem Lui and many others are all available in Dong Ba market for reasonable price. Street vendors will set up stools in front of the market in the late afternoon so people can enjoy food right next to one of the main roads in Hue.


Hue Folk Songs on Dragon Boat

Hue has been long known for its traditional music since Ly, Tran and early Le dynasties. Hue folk singing became fully developed during the reign of emperor Tu Duc. Classical music and folk songs were combined to entertain the Emperor and his ranking mandarin officials. The genre has become very popular all throughout the country because of how it expresses deep feelings and aspiration of the people in the Imperial City.

During this 2 hour dragon boat ride, while listening to the sweet voice of a local artist while singing Hue folk songs accompanied by traditional woodwind and stringed instruments, the dragon boat will also pass some fascinating places and historical sites like Thien Mu pagoda. The lights of the city and the colorful Truong Tien Bridge will surely add enjoyment during the ride.


Shop at Nguyen Dinh Chieu Walking Park

It is another place to relax and shop at affordable price during the evening. Walk close to the Perfume River while looking at the beautiful lights of south bank where the imperial city is, and enjoy the view of the Truong Tien Bridge. Cultural items are available in this area. This is also a chance for street vendors who do not have stalls to sell their products, local painters to showcase their artworks and several more. Surprisingly, the place is not crowded due to the fact that most of the tourists do not know much of its existence.
Street foods are also available at the other side of the walking park. Enjoy some light snacks before going to bars or back to sleep.


Chilling at the bars

Generally, the small city of Hue becomes really quiet after 10:00 pm but there are several bars where you can stay later if you prefer. Bars close at the struck of midnight. Locals and also tourists are asked to get back to their hotels after that. It would be the discretion of hotel management if they will allow their guests to have more beer but should not leave vicinity for their safety. It’s not that the city is dangerous but the people are more careful and law abiding compared to most of the cities.


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