Hue – A romantic city, a tender love…

Hue – A romantic city, a tender love…

Welcome to the city of nostalgia. Let me guide you through the bustling streets, the natural landscape, and the unique architecture, all of which includes the Huong river, the Ancient pagodas and the temples. These have all become major attractions for visitors from all over the world. Hue discovery, you will explore the ancient world of the 13 kings of the Nguyen dynasty, from King Gia Long to King Bao Dai. Established as the capital of unified Viet Nam in 1802, Hué was not only the political but also the cultural and religious centre under the Nguyen dynasty until 1945. The Perfume River winds its way through Hue historical sites the Capital City, the Imperial City, the Forbidden Purple City and the Inner City, giving this unique feudal capital a setting of great natural beauty.​

1. Have breakfast with Bun Bo Hue – Hue beef noodles.
​For fans of Viet food out there, you must have already heard of ‘bún bò’, the famous Vietnamese beef noodle soup (see below). A bowl of delicious bun bo Hue is only around 2$! Super cheap and tastes amazing!



2.Visit the Citadel

Continue on to visit the Hue Citadel. Here, you’ll see the tallest flag pole in Vietnam, towering at an astonishing 37m, the Ngo Mon gate, where Bao Dai ended the Nguyen dynasty, the Thai Hoa palace (Palace of Supreme Harmony), the Hall of the Mandarins, the Forbidden Purple city…



3.Have lunch with Bun thit nuong and banh uot Kim Long

These are yet more unique and delicious foods found in Hue City. These foods tastes leave an unforgettable impression.

4.Visit Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda was built on a hill overlooking the Perfume river. This pagoda is an icon of Vietnam and the symbol of Hue city.


5.Visit Quoc Hoc High School

Quoc Hoc – Hue’s High School for the Gifted or simply called Quoc Hoc – Hue is a national high school for the gifted. Founded in October 23, 1896, Quoc Hoc – Hue is the second oldest high school in Vietnam. The school is recognized for its strong academic results, students’ diverse qualities, and the professors’ aptitudes at teaching their disciplines. This is my old high school too, though I wish I could say I performed amazingly there too, haha…
The school is also famous for the notable political leaders who graduated from it, including Ho Chi Minh and Ngo Dinh Diem. A statue of Ho Chi Minh now resides inside the school yard.

6.Drink tea like a King

You can check out the Tứ Phương Vô Sự Lầu coffee shop (the Pavillon of Four Directions), where kings used to drink tea and compose poems here. Both looking at it from the outside or from the inside, it really is an amazing sight at night time







7.Have dinner in a very nice Buddhist vegetarian restaurant – Quán Chay Liên Hoa

The restaurant is owned by Buddhist monks, and serves a great variety of dishes at a very low cost, including: Fried Spring Rolls, Fried Mushroom fritters, Assorted Vietnamese pancakes, Mixed Salad, and Fried Tofu with Tomato Sauce… Healthy, fresh and cheap, in terrific surroundings. A must-try when in Hue

8.All about desserts: the most unique Hue sweet soup

Hue is famous for chè (sweet soup) with 36 kinds, each having its own distinctive special taste. Hue people are so skillful that many delicious and nutritious chè were invented by them. Chè in Hue is very cheap, just a few thousands Vietnam dong (~$0.25)! Thus, you can try out every single flavour for about $9!

It’s actually quite possible to explore all these locations and do all these activities in one day! Afterwards, why not just return to the hotel and have a good sleep <3


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