What to Eat in Hue, Vietnam — And Where to Find It

These places are not a representation of the full variety of Hue eats, but were ones that I enjoyed and were found on my motorbike and food wanders in town. The banh khoa places recommended by many people was made with wheat flour, so I recommend the same restaurant as the nem lui for the gluten-free version of it, made with rice flour only. It’s less crunchy as a result, but it didn’t get me sick.

Banh trang trung and banh ep: 14 Le Thanh Ton Street, open from 4pm-8pm. (Old city)

Banh ep after it has been flattened.

Com hen and bun hen: 27 Le Thanh Ton Street, small stand that is open until 8pm. (Old city)

Bun thit nuong: 244 Dinh Tien Hoang street, small stand that opens after 12pm. (Old city)

Nem lui, banh khoai and banh beo: Quan Hanh, 11 Pho Duc Chinh (South Bank)

Banh khoi being made in Hue

Nem lui, pork meat moulded around sticks of lemongrass and grilled.

Bun bo Hue: 38 Tran Cao Van street, open only until 9am. (South Bank)

Bun Bo Hue from Tran Cao Van street.

For Dong Ba Market, eat from the banh canh ladies around the outer perimeter of the market, serving from metal pots. Pick a busy one and huddle close to the ground for a bowl.

Source: Legal Nomads by Jodi

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